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BIG GPU, ASIC, & FPGA Crypto Mining News! ProgPoW for Ravencoin and ETH? BTC BCH BSV Block Halvings

BIG Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency GPU Mining, ASIC Mining, and FPGA mining news! Subscribe to VoskCoin for more crypto videos! –

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We are EXCITED to hear about Ravencoin RVN exploring a truly different mining algorithm that will at least for a while favor GPU mining rigs. The difference between the slug that is Ethereum and Ravencoin is that if they commit to changing their x16r mining algorithm (variant) to their customized ProgPoW then they will do it in a reasonable time. Ethereum is STILL PLANNING apparently.. to fork their Ethash mining algorithm to their version of ProgPoW however it has been two years since we started the Ethereum ASIC mining discussion and GPU mining is still suffering to date because of this.. Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV are BOTH HALVING within the next week, and Bitcoin is halving their block reward in about 1.5 months which is very exciting news. Nervos CKB ASICs are absolutely here and DOMINATING their mining network, Nervos CKB ASIC miners are the only profitable CKB miners now. Lets jump into this BIG mining news update from VoskCoin and don’t forget to subscribe!

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39 thoughts on “BIG GPU, ASIC, & FPGA Crypto Mining News! ProgPoW for Ravencoin and ETH? BTC BCH BSV Block Halvings

  1. Bitcoin mining is very lucrative these days and the market are not to be predicted, from the videos I’ve watched so far , I believe with the right account manager you would get more profits to your trade .so can anyone help with any reliable one ?

  2. Just received F1 mini+'s four of them. What do you believe is the most profitable coin to mine with them? want to mine digibyte. 1B3Uz5TRXeXunAgC6gi6qfLHSzPy3SDWF2

  3. I purchased a nvidia tesla K20m 6gig, I have 8 gigs of ram, and 1150 watt power, my computer recognizes the card, but says I need more resources? Is this card even compatible with a desktop? If so does anyone have any ideas on how to get it to work.

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