Wednesday, 15th July 2020
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Binance CEO: The Future of Cryptocurrency @ Jibrel Network

CEO of Binance, Zhao ChengPeng talks about his vision for the future of cryptocurrency. He also offers an unique look at the process which Binance selects which new coins to list. This talk was given at Blockchain Revolution Conference, hosted by Jibrel Network on 17th Jan 2018

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45 thoughts on “Binance CEO: The Future of Cryptocurrency @ Jibrel Network

  1. Binance is a piece of trash he hacked Leo kun channel if you don't know Leo kun, is the stickman animator and top in stickman community so
    I say binance is a scam and hacker!

  2. bullshit CZ proeprsix is all this and more 6000 TPS .. secure as fk , not on the flipside. put the binance logo over the mason logo.. SETUP BY BANKS

  3. Binance is the Just2Trade of crypto. Looking forward to being able to buy BTC with usd on Binance. I’m ditching Coinbase. They hold my crypto’s randomly. I don’t think they did well coming out of the Proof of Keys event on Jan 3. I’m convinced they’re running a fractional reserve 🧐

  4. Everybody knows your exchange was founded before July 2017. You don't become one of the biggest exchanges in less than 6 months. You're attempting to escape liability in this upcoming Intellectual Property Theft case. Which, won't even help you much because you're still hosting the trading of multiple assets that only exist because of my idea. So, you can either send someone to Dallas to sit down and talk to me, OR you can stop hosting those assets. As they're all the product of Intellectual Property Theft.

    The price is 2,000,000 Bitcoins. Otherwise, I sue for $1 Trillion. That's non-negotiable. You exchange owners can seize your holder's assets and make this happen. Get it done.

  5. Very smart and driven person with a company that carefully selects great cryptocurrencies that will have real world uses or will generate profit! A couple of ICO's and coins that I have been looking at lately are holochain, cargocoin, and fr8network! Very interesting concept with the first one and real word usage for the last two.

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