Wednesday, 21st October 2020
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Bitcoin Breakout… Is This a MULTI-YEAR Bull Market in BTC?

Bitcoin breakout… is this a multi-year bull market in BTC? Bitcoin has just broken a key level on the “line break” chart of bitcoin. We have exceeded above an important trendline on the long term charts of bitcoin. But is this indicating the start of a multi-month and multi-year bull market in bitcoin? We look at the charts. #Bitcoin #BTC #AlessioRastani

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33 thoughts on “Bitcoin Breakout… Is This a MULTI-YEAR Bull Market in BTC?

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  2. Hey Alessio,

    What is your opinion on the divergence on the daily chart of the BTC/USD and the stochastic rsi indicator what has formed in the past week? When we broke the trend line in the upwards direction the stochastic rsi was going down. Something I don't know how to understand.

    Thank you mate!

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  5. What bitcoin will do next will shock everyone cause I see it above $15k and the best thing to do now is to actually invest in it. Currently Benjamin Jackson helps me trade and my crypto portfolio has been on a steady rise.

  6. I don't think bitcoin will fall hard with the S&P500, maybe a little bit. I believe it will decouple and go up on its own being fueled by strong fundamentals. I think bitcoin will correlate more and more to gold.

  7. Hi Alessio, of course you are the best analyst. Just one question. What do you think/I'm sure you know exactly))/. At what price we'll see deeper correction or retracement in btc. And how much we need to wait?

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