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BITCOIN HOLDERS WATCH!: Trillions About To Buy BITCOIN! | Cryptocurrency News

This is a must watch for all bitcoin holders. Trillions is about to enter the crypto space. This is an interview with Michael Saylor on the Pomp Podcast with alot of good nuggets.


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29 thoughts on “BITCOIN HOLDERS WATCH!: Trillions About To Buy BITCOIN! | Cryptocurrency News

  1. I want the BTC price to go up more than anyone, but you guys who make these types of arguments for future price appreciation are grossly oversimplifying what would be required for an asset that is entering the mainstream to go parabolic. It's actually very frustrating to keep hearing these types of arguments by YouTubers. Not sure you realize but there are large central banking and government authorities who are extremely incentivized to suppress the price of currencies or assets that are inversely correlated to the US Dollar. Take Silver and Gold, they've been around for thousands of years (can't get any more mainstream than that) with market caps in the trillions, and yet even though QE has been non-stop since 2008, these metals have nowhere near appreciated to the levels that they should have been being that their supply compared to the Dollar has been relatively stagnant. The price of these metals has been controlled and manipulated on the COMEX ever since we left the gold standard (this is the only way to keep the dollar strong). Traders on the COMEX can take trillions of dollar funny money and just simply short the price of metals that they CLAIM they have which creates artificial price suppression (they get away with it bc no one ever takes delivery of these metals to prove the seller never had them in the first place). Let's not even get started on what the Treasury Department's exchange stabilization fund can LEGALLY do to the price of an asset in order to protect "National Security" (i.e. keep the Dollar king). I'm not trying to be a Bear on Bitcoin, I'm just frustrated by you guys who make these oversimplified arguments for why BTC is going to the moon (which makes for great clickbait). If Bitcoin does go to the moon it will be because the issues I described above have been resolved, not because some company bought a ton of it.

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