Saturday, 16th January 2021
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Bitcoin Price Predictions From Zero to Millions | Experts Opinions

With out of doubt bitcoin is the best preforming asset year to date. But will it be the best preferring asset for the next few years? We Will see. In this video we will take a look at the top 5 bitcoin price predictions by experts.

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➤ We are Officially in the Recession: We are Officially in the Recession
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22 thoughts on “Bitcoin Price Predictions From Zero to Millions | Experts Opinions

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  2. I have seen many people saying if bitcoin breaks 10k, it will never come back. This has been the preaching since 2017 and BTC comes back to nearly 3k. Well, I am using KoinPro to protect my assets in this volatile market while I also make profit in any market situation.

  3. There's one thing I don't get, if btc goes up, people will sell and the price will go down. Am I right? I btc even goes to 100k, there'll be a huge sell off, the price will crash.. What you guys think of this?

  4. Problem with bitcoin is that it doesn’t have any intrinsic value like gold, silver or the US dollar. So unless it is backed by the government, it be risky to put your money into btc as it’s only value comes from crowd hype. If it any point This hype dies then you would have low liquidity and prices would crash

  5. Never hear one of this bulls go through the bear case or examine why BTC might fail (legalisation, hacking, forking, limited transactions, all the numerous problems…cept Raoul)…They really need to explain the downside/ bear case before I'd perceive any of them as credible

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