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BUYING and SELLING Bitcoin & Ethereum in 2020?! Gemini Cryptocurrency Exchange Review + $10 BTC FREE

Here’s how I am buying and selling my cryptocurrency coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum in 2020 as a US Citizen using the Gemini cryptocurrency exchange! Subscribe to VoskCoin for more crypto videos!

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Gemini is a cryptocurrency exchange created by the Winklevoss twins who were early Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investors. Gemini is a US based exchange and supports 49 states for US citizens as well as allowing users from outside of the USA to trade cryptocurrency on their exchange. Currently, Gemini supports buying, selling, and trading of Bitcoin BTC, Ethereum ETH, Bitcoin Cash BCH, Litecoin LTC, ChainLink LINK, Zcash ZEC, Basic Attention Token BAT, Dai Stablecoin DAI, Orchid OXT, and their own stablecoin the Gemini Dollar GUSD. One of the biggest perks of the Gemini crypto exchange, is that they allow free wire transfers, which is a service most crypto exchanges do not offer, especially USA based Bitcoin and crypto coin exchanges. Here’s our full review on the Gemini cryptocurrency exchange, how we are buying and selling Bitcoin and Ethereum on there along with other cryptos, and how you can earn $10 dollars of Bitcoin for basically free!

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26 thoughts on “BUYING and SELLING Bitcoin & Ethereum in 2020?! Gemini Cryptocurrency Exchange Review + $10 BTC FREE

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  3. I am an American that has been robbed and terrorized by this so-called government and I grow tired of the constant pillaging of our assets and frankly I’m routing for a full blown revolution in the streets. I have had enough. The crypto is a place where the people finally free from this federal reserve fraud but now I sense they are working to infiltrate and take it over. We need to protest!

  4. I am new at this but I have traded stocks for Years. I got in ethereum because of all the hype and statement how high it is going to go but now it is dumping twice before the halving. Why do I feel I been had? If ethereum does not preform as promised and sold I would bet lawsuits will follow. I’m done being had in this nation by the wealthy that lure you in. Not picking on this channel just a message to all to many salesmen selling how high and now this seems suspicious. Will see but this time it better go as promised 🧐

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