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Cardano ADA To Replace Bitcoin BTC As the Number One Cryptocurrency By Year 2019

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On this episode of CryptoClout our friend Faze Crypto talks about the cryptocurrency known as Cardano (ADA) this is a important time for $ADA as we are looking forward to various developments in the space of smart contracts and we are seeing the building of a smart economy in respect to the totality of the network building here and now and looking forward to the future. Disclaimer this video is not financial advice this video exists for educational purposes and everything said in this video is opinion! Faze Crypto is not your dad! All that being said people are witnessing the rise of #Cardano (ADA) in respect to the Crypto space and the future potential realized now. Remember to subscribe to the channel follow on twitter and comment telling us your opinion! Can Cardano replace Bitcoin as the number one? or is it possible for it to replace Ethereum (ETH) as the number 2? tell us in the comments.

‘Cardano (ADA) Will Overcome BTC And ETH In 1 Year!’ – CEO of Cardano


42 thoughts on “Cardano ADA To Replace Bitcoin BTC As the Number One Cryptocurrency By Year 2019

  1. the code is a complete mess, look how that phd has to teach the devs how to write tests… I'll eat my dick if ada overtakes anything in the top 3

  2. Guys I sold all my other 7 cryptos and I am All in Ada since Nov 2017, This is the best project out there. Charles Hoskinson and his great team will change the Crypto space in 2 years. This guy is the steve Jobs of the Crypo World

  3. Cardano, excellent project, been invested since the beginning! 2.3 cents… but no way, no how it takes over bitcoin. This opinion may change, but as of now, not a chance in hell.

  4. I highly doubt this will happen. None the less, ADA is still a great coin. I still prefer getting more privacy coins though just like XMR, PIVX, and DeepOnion.

  5. Cardano looks a great project, good tech with a good team driving it. I'm sure it'll overcome both BTC and ETH by end of 2019. I do possible see ETH overtaking BTC in that time period. I see ZCash and Monero making some big gains also when stricter regulations come in, privacy coins should have a good market share by the end of 2019, after the large well known coins in the top 20-30 my small low cap alts are primarily made up of privacy coins; Cloakcoin, DeepOnion etc. I expect both these to be in top 50 by end of 2019, what are your opinions on low cap privacy coins?

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  8. In order for ADA to be @ $25.00 their market cap would have to be around $670 billion. Even if the total market cap were to grow in step, I still don't see Cardano worth $600 + billion ! Like Apple ? No way !

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