Tuesday, 2nd March 2021
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Consensus NY : Cryptocurrency Conference Day 1, ZCash and more in the Bitcoin World!

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Zcash Secures Its First Licensed Listing On The Gemini Exchange

Winklevoss Bitcoin exchange wins NY approval to expand, offer Zcash

HSBC and ING prove blockchain works for trade finance

HSBC says performs first trade finance deal using single blockchain system

New York City Looking To Be a Leader in the Blockchain Industry

New York City Launches First Blockchain Initiatives

Consensus 2018: Day 1 Recap

Banksters Against Bitcoin

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50 thoughts on “Consensus NY : Cryptocurrency Conference Day 1, ZCash and more in the Bitcoin World!

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  4. I've noticed so far everything we wanted BTC to do the exact opposite has happened over and over again this year so far. There's too many crypto Twitter influencers and YouTubers basically giving the opposition too much insight on what we expect from the market. The game is rigged.

  5. New York is a fking dump. They need to GTFO California is going to be the leader of crypto. We are the most innovative state in the country. So NY needs to get back in their place, and let the big boys run the show.

  6. How about a video on eos.
    Can Americans own them,do we need vpn,do we have to register a wallet,can Americans buy and keep on binance, what the hell is going on with it

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  10. Don't expect moon market right off the bat. Doesn't usually work that way. Also, MT Gox guy is still out there moving coins.

    New York City, btw, needs to ditch Bitlicense or change it.

  11. I don't see much of an uplift happening due to consensus seems like nothing's happening we're just trading sideways and if not we're going lower it looks like to me

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