Wednesday, 28th October 2020
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Creating My Own Cryptocurrency From Scratch (and how it works)

yes, new bitcoin

how to make ur own cryptocurrency
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49 thoughts on “Creating My Own Cryptocurrency From Scratch (and how it works)

  1. here's and idea, you could sell gaming laptops that mine crypto for you, they would have a discount or refund the purchase after an amount of crypto was generated. you would be up front about this, and after like 150% of the price of the laptop was generated you could set it to give all the crypto to the owner of the laptop.

    and i would add setting that reduces the mining speed or turns it off completely when the laptop is being used for like gaming depending on usage

  2. i would like to make a staking cryptocurrency that rewards people for seeding torrents, i assume it would work like the cryptocurrency that stakes based on hard drive storage but rewards based on torrent popularity and time you've contributed.

    also i like the idea of rewarding the person that started the torrent based on its popularity

  3. friend, it will be really awesome if you make a video on how to code in python to how to make your own cryptocurrency

    make a video on how to code it, full tutorial

  4. Hi,

    Even though I do not know Python, I still liked your video.
    Can you make a tutorial video on how to build a block chain and wallet with PHP ? PHP market is big. You are likely to get lots of viewers liking your video. Better, they may subscribe to your channel.
    Let me know when we can expect your PHP video. It's really boring locked up during this Corona period. Best to learn something new from your videos with php than waste time watching entertainment YouTube videos. What do you say ? You agree ?

    Make sure your tutorial is in procedural style PHP programming as I only know it and not pop yet.

  5. if money can't buy happiness maybe bitcoin will do?
    if bitcoin can't buy happiness maybe dogecoin will do?
    if dogecoin can't buy happiness maybe gymcoin will do?
    if gymcoin can't buy happiness maybe ad revenue will do?
    if adrevenue can't buy happiness, well it is impossible to make you happy

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