Tuesday, 2nd March 2021

15 thoughts on “Crypto Mining on AMD Ryzen 9 3900x 12 Core Processor

  1. Just wait until the hard fork… RandomX… BTW, 70degrees 70 Celsius is quite OK.. 80 Celsius is a little high… A solution could be a riser to lift it out of that ATX chassis 😉 (I your miss'es will let you) 😉 I'm suspecting this is being run on solar so your profits is 100%… Way to go Bobby!! Impressing work your lady is doing there !! 😉

  2. Gee man, thats a cool model, i remember years ago my friend got in to this thing 3DMax Studio or 3D Studio Max, i forgot, , not sure if u know it, is it the same thing?
    So stupid question, what do u do or can u do though with the model after wards? i mean do u can make models of whatevr u want i guess, but not sure what i would or could do with it .

    Regarding 3900X, i know its for business for your wife and your casual editing and what not, but tell me.

    I want to get in to mining again (i think, i am not sure because its so low the earnings these days its ridiculus and plus where i stay now after i moved the electricity is doubkle which is really BS) but whats ur take on spendnig money on this processor versus i coud just use the same money and add a bit and get a RTX 2080 instead?
    Oh u said something about nicehash , do you do this any other way? like mie against a pool? but i never know how the hell u know the earnings, and also what if the profit changes then u would mining for a 5 cent coin per day instead of a 30 cent coin per day for example
    Hope i wrote everything as best i can above , my keyboard i have is really shit- i need to press the keys like directly from the top , so bloody anoying


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