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Crypto Mining on the RX 590 Red Devil ETH/ETC Power and Tweaks

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Quick review of the Red Devil RX590 and tweaks I performed to get a decent out of the box performance from ETC/ETH of 31.7mh @ 113w with NO BIOS mod yet. Straight out of the box performance and tweaks with in line command and Afterburner.

Drivers: Latest avail 11.29.2018
Driver Mode: Compute
Afterburner v4.5 to tweak core to 1400 and mem to 2250
Command in .bat file of -cvddc 1000

Amazon Links to gear used: – Red Devil RX 590 8GB (3 free games with purchase of RX 590s)

i5 6600k –
16gb DDR4 Patriot –
MSI Gaming 7 MB –
Corsair AX860 –
NZXT Case –

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35 thoughts on “Crypto Mining on the RX 590 Red Devil ETH/ETC Power and Tweaks

  1. Mate I can see you like word architecture, but when used in regards to GPU it usually means the gpu core architecture and so on, perhaps the word you are looking for is "shroud design"…

  2. Hey bbt, I own an xfx fat boy 590 with hynix and using tweaker tool, but I'm always crashing and was wondering if everything moved flawlessly in your videos? I'm on 2200memc, 890mv, 1360cc, 890mv with under 31mhs. Am I doing something wrong? My timing levels were barely able to stick without reverting back or crashing. Any advice would be great, thanks!

  3. Bits Be Trippin'
    , keep it up man, youre the only one making good videos at this time, rest youtubers do shitty videos just to get views to get more of that sweet youtube cash, Like Testicles, Brandon ShitCoin, BerriedONE, VerginCoin, GayMining and so on.

  4. nice job AMD but, since ETH is so low I think is not worth to buy new GPUs to build rigs now or sold old ones to replace, I still use my Saphire RX470 4GB the very first ones they give me 29,3MH each and for 6 gpu Rig on Asrock G31S with 4GB DDR2 Ram and Intel Core 2 Duo E7300, gets me 175MH and 750Wats on the wall for rig with HiveOS on 16GB USB and they are 50% on the fans now never get over 55 Celsius and 80% and 60 celsius in the Summer

  5. I have tested Sapphire 590 special Edition with Micron mem. Got same result with stock setings. With micron mod i got max 33.6mhs on 1200/2336mhz on memory.

  6. nice review just wondering when we can actually back on mining with weird bear market =_= the timing of BCH split is way too bad not mention MSM bias against crypto in general … well i guess we will see

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