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How I'm Earning HUNDREDS Staking and Lending Cryptocurrency Coins!!

I am staking coins, lending coins, running masternodes and anything else I can to earn passive income in cryptocurrency profitably! Let’s review how I am earning hundreds of dollars per month with Crypto! Sub to VoskCoin!

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Start staking your Crypto today AND get a $50 sign-up bonus on the Crypto Earn app, we are earning up to 18% interest on some coins!

Interested in reviewing our crypto staking and lending profitability results that we showed in this video? Here’s the exact write-up on VoskCoinTalk showing our DeFi passive income –

There a lot of ways to earn money from home online, and buying, selling, trading, staking, lending, and/or mining cryptocurrency coins is the best way to earn some passive income! We are earning passive income in cryptocurrency through all of the means above, but today’s video will review how we purchased Chainlink LINK, Tezos XTZ, CRO coin, Cardano ADA, and Energi NRG as well as how we increased our coin holdings and/or our USD holdings as well. We have doubled our money in some situations, and we are even earning 12% interest on a stablecoin, which is pegged in price to the US dollar — imagine if your bank account paid you 12% interest instead of just 1% (if you’re lucky enough for that in this market). Anyway, todays video is all about showing the ups and downs of investing into cryptocurrency and how we are still earning a lot of money with cryptocurrencies!

You can review our Energi NRG 3.0 staking profitability in our write-up on VoskCoinTalk the best cryptocurrency forum ever!

Review how we are earning hundreds of dollars in passive income with cryptocurrency simply mining crypto out of our house!

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43 thoughts on “How I'm Earning HUNDREDS Staking and Lending Cryptocurrency Coins!!

  1. I have the cdc green card and it's great but I spread my stakes and lending around, cdc are decent but I think it's far to risky to trust them with too much locked in value, their business model is unsustainable imo. I've been using them and following them for almost a year and I like them but I don't trust them, DEFI is the future in my opinion and cdc is not DEFI. Still a useful project especially once the stakes are up on the card and you can exit if you want to.

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  6. I am seriously surprised you have not noticed DIVI. It is a powerhouse of passive income. You must check it, although, in just 2 months it is nearly out of reach for many investors. I bought the master node-silver for about 8000 USD and it is now over 17,000 USD in only 2 months. I am not even including the 400+ monthly income. do take a look at the monthly incomes on all the DIVI offers. I have a silver master node, working toward applying all my income from this toward a second silver node, or a gold node. Hoping you can join us, the community is growing. watch bitcoin ben show on youtube and Patreon for regular live information on the Divi projects.

  7. if you need another coin to mine that is profitable it is BCH which is a fork off the BTC blockchain much like ethereum BCH has SLP tokens aka simple ledger protocol tokens ethereum equivalent is the smart contract BCH can be ASIC mined easily and profitable

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  9. So in order to get the referral you have to stake the MCO currency. Sounds like a self made, artificial and false demand type of bubble and potential pump and dump. There may be legitimate ways to make cash on app but think you owe it to your viewers to be more upfront on the referral scheme they are running.

  10. Hey Voskcoin, I'm just starting with cryptocurrency. Planing do to mining rigs and all sorts. Been watching loads of you videos to get a better understanding. And to see if its right me lol. I use your link on you website too. Thank you. And I hope I helped you support your channel too. From Scotland

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