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A $2000 investment turned into me spending $100,000 dollars building a custom shed for cryptocurrency and Bitcoin mining. Here’s the story of Drew Vosk and the VoskCoin Mining Farm Shed. Sub to VoskCoin –

VoskCoin had a simple beginning, which was to just use cryptocurrency mining as a way to acquire crypto, specifically Ethereum originally because Vosk was worried that it was already too late to profitability mine Bitcoin BTC. A simple 6x GPU mining rig would spawn a MASSIVE Bitcoin and Ethereum cryptocurrency GPU mining farm out of a shed in his (side) backyard. Vosk began documenting his cryptocurrency and mining journey right here on YouTube on the VoskCoin YouTube channel. VoskCoin has grown to become the largest cryptocurrency mining channel in the world

Join the official VoskCoin cryptocurrency VoskCoinTalk to discuss crypto and mining, here’s our latest post on How to MINE 1 Ethereum in 2020 write-up!

This video documents the cryptocurrency and mining journey outlining the progression and evolution of this mining farm. Cryptocurrency and the state mining changes rapidly, and as time continued to pass Vosk continued to build new mining rigs, try new ASIC miners, and mine different crypto coins. Using Baikalminers, Bitmain Antminer’s, Innosilicon ASIC miners, Spondoolies SPX36, and Obelisk Tech ASIC miners along with dozens of different GPU mining rig designs. The Nvidia 1080 TI was clearly the favorite and preferred GPU for mining cryptocurrency, and even currently the 1080 TI continues to be a top choice for miners and a profitable GPU to mine with. Ethereum is the backbone of GPU mining profitability, unfortunately ASIC miners are now dominating Ethereum mining efficiency. VoskCoin has moved from mining his house, to a dedicated mining shed, and then to a custom mining garage setup!

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VoskCoin Mining Farm Tour “Deeper in the mines” Season 1 Episode 3 featuring Drew Vosk of VoskCoin and the shed he converted into a backyard data center and not-so state of the art Bitcoin, Ethereum, and GPU mining farm facility! Watch the full playlist here –

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36 thoughts on “I Spent $100,000 Building a CRYPTOCURRENCY & BITCOIN MINING SHED?!

  1. BTC Address: 1EBc4YUjoBnBukQUFxPUVwF9xMLXsLYEiD

    Yeah I’ve mined a little bit of Monero, I don’t have any fancy setup just using my pc when I’m not using it but would love to start mining more if I could afford to set it up!

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  4. Mining is a huge ballache, soo much effort with maintenance, equipment faults, electric bills etc, the stress of it all ages you hard. Much cleaner just buying 100k worth of crypto at the right time.

  5. Hi you have lots of guts in your heart you are the best guy to send to Mars will survive to come back thank for your long journey life is full of hard balls keep it going

  6. Hey man im from the philippines, i dont mine any bitcoin, but only using a btc wallet. Thank you for the info on how you mine btc man. Im glad your succesful.
    Heres my btc wallet by the way..🤣
    BTC wallet——–3Go5LRCuAkZVTPpKbdhKM1JuAZR6w9jYd2

  7. This is incredible! I just got into mining Ethereum last year and had a good rig until the 4gb nvidia cards stopped working 🙁 i started again this year with a couple 580s and a Vega 56 in my main rig when not gaming! But the cruddy electrical work in my apartment means I’ll need to find another place to setup… btc: 3KTGr4aKQiSj6KqYccDytggf94bcc6Rg3z (Btw my wallet address is stored on an nfc implant in my hand 🖐 :D)

  8. Drew, dude I was in full speed ahead in early 2014, BTC was something like $200 or something crazy. I initially dropped about $14,000, had 5 rigs, 21 GPU's (rigs were in milk crates, that was the craze back then). New Egg and Tiger Direct had purchase limits on hardware. I bought a 14×40 shed, $8,000, separate power feed, ($.11 per kWh) each rig was pulling 1,100 watts, I had fans running, they were constantly shutting down. I purchased a few Gridseen ORB's, usb low power, then I began purchasing some Gridseed Blade Mining Rigs. They had a pretty good hash rate, low power. I began selling off the GPU's to re-coop some of my investment. The technology was moving soooo fast it was crazy. The hardware prices were going crazy, I bought a Gridseed Blade for $1,300 and the next day after I got it the price from the same place was like $1,050, then $850, buy more I said to myself….sigh, probably an additional $4,000. Mining LTC, DOGE and what ever else scrypt coins the mining pools were hosting. There were about 75 alt coins at the time. In a 6 month period I mined just over 8 BTC (roughly $3,000 in 2014). ABSOLUTELY NO support from the wife, criticized daily. I had to cash in the BTC monthly just to pay the power bill that was right around $500 per month. I can relate to the part in your video where everything is falling apart and your head was hung down, (I wept, don't judge me please). It brought back so many good and bad memories. I just wish I would have been able to stick it out……..

  9. As requested: 0x1145F2B36876e8e7cA8AEC737f6E6c6ef9BEBCb6
    Just bought some ASIC miners. So far I was only bothering to use CPU and GPU, but now I'm evolving. 😉
    Antminer Z15 420KSol/s WITH APW7 PSU ( 20-30th July SHIPMENT)
    Hummer Miner Mars H1 Handshake (HNS) ASIC Miner ( 20TH MAY TO 10TH JUNE SHIPMENT)
    5pcs Used A9 ZMaster (pretty cheap – I may need for something else I'm doing also)
    Planning to start a small farm and grow it.

  10. You are a great man. I can see your drive and passion and the way you think will take you very high. Keep going, you have inspired me. I'm the same type of person that goes all in with a thin safe blanket, but mostly when the rule is win or die, or lose it all, is when we come up with the best solutions.

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