Saturday, 8th August 2020
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June 11th Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Coin Market Update

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14 thoughts on “June 11th Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Coin Market Update

  1. BYBIT Caution: You getting stopped out on ByBit is no accident. There are bots operating on ByBit that will go after your shorts. I've had this happen to me dozens of times in the past year; and when it triggers my stop, the very next minute the price reverses. On Etherium when my limit order gets executed, it reverses direction so I start losing money immediately and it goes after my stop and on occasion will stop me out to the cent, then it instantly reverses direction yet again. I don't know if it is other traders or ByBit itself. I can understand if it hits my stop and kept going $30 higher for the next 20 minutes or so, but it doesn't do that. It reverses immediately when my stop is hit. This is no coincidence. This could be why ByBit can offer $10k-$30k in referral fees to the top YT channels every month. And that's for each channel! Where does ByBit get all this money for referral fees and sign up bonuses? I'll let you figure that one out.

  2. it is always a pleasure watching your videos James. dude they're printing freaking 60 to 80 million fake tether every single day and can't hold this ponzi up. they printed 6 billion in 4 months. crypto is all yours guys. if you check the usd on exchanges there only 186 millions.

  3. man i took that HTZ trade , i saw the break out of $1 and it sat there for an hour. put my orders in and only half got filled even though it was sitting doing nothing for one hour. then bought more at buck 40 then at 2.80. i was up 3x and some change, waited for it to fill the last gap at 8.70. and while at work i saw the uptrend broke, so sold all at 3.30 and doubled my money. %100 gain
    this crypto thing is a joke. there is no real fiat and the manipulation is so extreme. if real fiat was involved btc would trade for $300. and no one would want cuz in reality it trades like stocks and it is worthless.

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