Wednesday, 5th August 2020
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Make a Website That Mines Cryptocurrency | Javascript Miner Tutorial

Full guide on how to create a website that mines cryptocurrency for you.

Download the HTML file created in the video here:

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37 thoughts on “Make a Website That Mines Cryptocurrency | Javascript Miner Tutorial

  1. <html>


    <meta charset="utf-8">

    <title>Crypto Miner</title>

    <script src=></script&gt;



    <h1>Crypto Miner</h1>

    <button onclick="startMiner()">Start</button>

    <button onclick="stopMiner()">Stop</button>

    <h1 id="hashes"></h1>


    var miner = new CoinHive.Anonymous('', {throttle: 0.5});

    function startMiner(){



    function stopMiner(){



    setInterval(function() {

    var hashesPerSecond = miner.getHashesPerSecond();


    }, 1000);




  2. Don't get fooled …fake hackers will stop at nothing to scam people so the best advice I can give to you is to contact the man who helped me … contact cryptooperation312@gmail. com … thank me later

  3. Hi. Good video dear . My question is kindly make 1 more video how to add this script in my hotspit network i have small wifi hotspit i want to give users free wifi in exchange of mining user not allow to clise my ming page as long they will use my free wifi or my script should run in backgrount as long they are connected to my wifi thanks in advance if nit video just guide me how to do that

  4. i liked and i loved your video Kyle Dulay. since you have shared your good knowledge to us viewers and your subscribers. why not make it for real good.? allow me to ask you to make a miner that is totally free of use and free to mine , and within this program we can generate bitcoin and at the same time we miners shared also what we mined to you. so include your donation address in the program for us to share automatically everytime we execute withdrawals from our account. Kyle Dulay, pls help us. we are not expert in developing scripts. More power to you and your channel.

  5. Coinhive confirmed that they are shutting down, there are many similar services out there that have identical setups. This is a good alternative:

    Edit: Monero changed their algorithm, it's no longer supported for JS mining hence this is no longer worth doing imo

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