Tuesday, 20th October 2020
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Multiple Crypto Coins & Ethereum Mining From Your Hardware

Getting the best from your hardware, I show you one of my rigs and how I’m using it to mine multiple coins at the same time using my CPU, GPU’s and Hard drives.

Ethereum CPU & GPU Miner Download:


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Tips are appreciated. Here’s my Addresses

Bitcoin 12v4d15AuopsVzudct7J8LJMm7qH95SxA1
Ethereum 0x5B905114167C80276AD28A997f606C698547fe40


22 thoughts on “Multiple Crypto Coins & Ethereum Mining From Your Hardware

  1. You have a heat problem, buy a better cooler, also overcloack not underclock, don't use Java clients, they run a virtual machine, which is slow, you are kind of ignorant on dumb

  2. I need help setting up my dual miner so it mines decred or siacoin while also mining eth I have tried and every Time I always fail and then it doesn't mine eth I need help

  3. can someone help me out please.
    i wanted to know if i have like 30 rigs of 6 cards each . do i need 30 computers or can they all mine with one computer??.
    and also how much on average does one 6 gpu rig use per day in kwh ?? thanks

  4. How much would you be making a month with a setup like this? i Mean as far as i can understand your lending you hdd space and mining with gpu's and cpu's. thats exactly what i was looking for but am not sure about the returns on something like this. Many thanks in advance looking forward to hearing from you. I see the last comment was made a year ago :s lol

  5. Hi Lee,
    big thanks for your helpful content in general, helped me out a lot very often!

    but i have a question: i'm using a multiminer with my Nvidia card and an AMD A8 with R7 onboard graphic (like your A10: 4 normal cores, 6Gcores)…the miner always wants to use these gaming cores but uses my Nvidia card instaed (steals the power of it, nvid miner dropping from 180 sol to 110…)

    So: the G-cores dont get used, i guess its because of the deactivated onboard graphics card?!…

    any idea to solve that problem? using a Radeon card instead of Nvid? :-/ i also have no possible BIOS settings to activate the onboard graphics..

  6. Hi Lee,
    Awesome video, please brings us more videos on mining multiple crypto's. ie. maximise our hardware rigs.
    Could you suggest which multiple mining setup for hardware (basic celeron G3930 + 8xgtx1060 + 5TB hdd)
    Thank you!!!

  7. i have two xfx R9 290 GPUs mining ZEC. One has 30 H/s and the other keeps jumping around from 10 to 19 to 22 and back to 10. Any thoughts on how both can be optimized to output steady H/s?

  8. Hi Lee,

    Been watching a few of your video's do you still burstmine, have you gotten any coins yet and do you think it will be profitable in about 6-12 month? I am thinking about getting into burstmining and maybe maidsafecoin.

  9. Hello,
    I have AMD A10-7870K processor 4 core and 8 GPU can I mine Ethereum with the 8gpu and add 7 PCI GPU cards like r9 380x and yes my motherboard has the PCI slots. Will I have to run two different ETH miner programs or can I have it all on one miner program. Thanks for any INFO you can give.

  10. You now mine Eth&Dcr coins with claymore and hodl coin with cpu miner and storj coin with harddrive the last one coin named bestcoin ? It.s gpu miner or cpu ? Sorry but my 1st lang not english so i can't understand all you say thanks bro

  11. hello
    btw ur content has been really helpful for me thx

    i also have a question..
    I can mine on windows 7 at full speed (gtx770 11 megahash)
    when i try to mine on windows 10 i get a horrendous 2 megahash
    i have tried installing the old windows 7 driver (347.52) on windows 10 but my speed is still limited.
    do you have any idea why tthis is occuring?


  12. hey nice videos! u helped me a lot!
    i have a question, ur afterburner shows that the gpu1 gets 84 degrees isnt that too hot? i have 1 r9 290 trix and 1 r7 370 and i dont know if i need to adjust the rpm of the fan or just leave it like u and let them reach 80+ degrees

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